Seattle Children’s Success Stories

Every year, Children’s Ride works to support the needs of children like Emmy who, when she was 2 years old was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that left Emmy unable to walk without severe pain. Through the kindness of donors to Seattle Children’s Hospital guilds like the Imagine Guild, Emmy received the lifesaving care she desperately needed.
The need for children like Emmy to receive lifesaving care through Seattle Children’s. We would like to ask you to  make a tax-deductible donation. Each dollar you donate will go directly to the uncompensated care fund which provides families the assurance that their children will be cared for with as little out of pocket expense as possible.
Any amount donated is much appreciated. For a minimum $35 donation we will offer and as a way to thank you for your generous support during these difficult times, we are offering a pin and patch from the postponed 2020 event. This will be a collector’s item for those who support Seattle Children’s Hospital.
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