Golden Spoke


Collect or donate $500 or more from companies, family and friends and automatically become a member of the Golden Spoke. 

All Golden Spoke members will receive a 2021 year rocker.  New members will receive a Gold Spoke patch.  Remember, the donations you collect help Seattle Children’s Hospital continue its worthy mission of providing quality medical care to all children in our region regardless of ability to pay.

Become a Golden Spoke member today

2020 Golden Spoke Members

Leon and Betty Abbott

Sal Avalos

Michael and Karen Crowe

Mark and Julie DeLaurenti

Tom Finken Memorial Charities

Pete and Wendy Funicello

Frank Brese and Mary Hamilton

David Hartley

Jason Heintz and Devon Yeager

Ron and Sonja Kitsmiller

Danny and Jennifer Kramer

Mady and Lonny Murrey

Ryan Sousa

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