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Meet Emry Hanson – Children’s Ride 23 Spokespatient

Emry Hanson was born just two minutes after her twin sister, Kinsey. Two days later, Emry was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD), a heart malformation in which the heart has a hole in the wall between its two lower chambers. Her heart began showing signs of failure and she was admitted to Seattle Children’s. As countless doctors and nurses worked to help her, we were told that her best chance for survival was open-heart surgery to repair her VSD.

Every day we thank Seattle Children’s for providing Emry a chance at life. Today she is an amazingly strong and active child. She is living a normal life without restrictions. She participates in youth soccer, is enrolled in gymnastics and started pre-school. She enjoys playing with her sister, cousins, friends, and family. She is an inspiration and a testament to the care, talent, and compassion provided by the staff at Seattle Children’s. We are forever grateful. Sarah Diamond and Troy Hanson, Ermy’s parents.

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