Coming Soon: Children's Ride Challenge Coins

Coins and medals have a long history in militaries around the world. After the end of World War II, challenge coins began to enjoy a rich history in American Military culture. The “challenge” is thought to have begun among American servicemen in the days and months after the end of the war with unit members slamming their coins on a bar or table as a challenge to other unit members to produce their coins. Anyone found not to have his coin had to buy drinks for the other unit members. Consequently, if every member produced their coins, the person who started the challenge would have to buy a round. 

Challenge coins have now grown beyond their military roots.

The Children’s Ride Challenge Coin allows you to add to your challenge coin collection while raising funds for children in need of life-saving care.

For $30 – which includes shipping and handling – you will be sent the Children’s Ride Challenge Coin to add to your collection and to raise awareness for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Display your coin proudly. When asked about the coin, feel free to direct your friends and family to this link to purchase their own coin.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.

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