A Message from Imagine Guild President David Hartley

Last year, when I took on the role of guild president, I knew I had a challenging road ahead of me. We had been faced with a lot of needs at the time: a new website, new auction venue, and how to keep the Posse Ride and Children’s Ride interesting. It was challenging and doable. With a lot of hard work and outside the box thinking, we began improving and getting ready for an epic Chrome Anniversary.

We had no way to see the challenges that lay ahead in 2020.

In January, Washington saw first what the rest of the nation would see; the dramatic impact that COVID-19 would not only have on our day-to-day lives, but social gatherings as a whole. When the true impact became seen we also saw life as we know it come to a dramatic and grinding halt. I am sure at this time in April we know or know of people impacted by this truly global pandemic.

Unfortunately, the time has come for us as a guild to face a certain reality. Your guild officers have been meeting regularly over the past month and a half in an attempt to stay strong, rally the troops, and proceed to move forward with the work to plan our event in July. The sad truth of reality is that we must postpone the events for Children’s Ride 25 in 2020.

While we know the need for fundraising is needed now more than ever, the idea of holding a public gathering during possible social distancing efforts makes it too uncertain to plan for an auction or other social events in July. The idea had been discussed of postponing CR25 until August or September. The uncertainty in not only procuring auction items but in asking people to contribute money during this unsteady time makes it impossible to hold a public event this year.

While we are postponing the events for this year, rest assured we will be roaring back in 2021. We still have not held a Chrome Anniversary event. I believe next year will hold a greater need to gather and share hugs and laughs with our friends, family, and comminity. In the meantime, we ask that you consider making a monetary donation to Seattle Children’s Hospital . If you or anyone you know is able during this challenging time, please donate.

The children and families we represent will need us now more than ever.

David Hartley, Imagine Guild President

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